Should You Buy a Memory Foam Topper?

Memory foam mattress can last more than 10 years. The only disadvantage of a memory foam mattress can be the price. They are usually more expensive than sprung mattresses. Well, they can be – don’t assume you’ll have a great sleeping experience by opting for the cheapest memory foam mattress; you do usually get what you pay for.Memory_Foam_Mattress_Topper

The second advantage of a memory foam mattress is the total support that it’s providing.

When you first lay on the mattress, you will feel it adjust to the contours of your body. Your neck and spine will be held in perfect alignment, and you will be able to feel how the material is fully supporting your body from head to toe.

Memory foam mattresses use conforming visco-elastic foam over firmer polyurethane base foam. Some innerspring mattresses have memory foam in their upholstery layer. Different feels and comfort levels are achieved by varying the thickness, weight and formulation of the visco-elastic foams and the base foams. Latex and memory foam mattresses each provide a unique feel. This type of mattress is good at relieving pressure on painful joints, but is usually more expensive than sprung mattresses.

If you are someone who must cope with chronic back pain and you already know how can get a good night sleep. Usually mattress and box spring doesn;t define the nature of the distribution of aid that your body needs. You spend the whole night in launching and turning instead of sleeping well. The result you wake up feeling tired and suffering more than you did when you go to bed? You don;t have to face this problem again, however. There are thousands of people who have the same problem, and reliefs were given the option of memory foam mattresses.

The great thing about memory foam is the polyurethane that increases its viscosity and density. Some have experienced that when they buy a new memory foam mattress it gives off a distinct chemical odor, that can be unpleasant almost similar to the smell of paint. Some odors such as cat urine, dust, pet hair, wet stains will require that you clean with a disinfectant. You may find that doing a spot cleaning is best to remove stains and then use a gentle laundry detergent and water with a dry cloth. These are considerations you might want to consider before you buy a memory foam mattress.

Memory foam is great, but it does have its inconvenient properties. Because the purpose of memory foam is to support you by conforming to your body, it uses heat from your body to provide that “molding” capability. In fact, memory foam wouldn’t have the support of capabilities it has if it didn’t dissipate heat slowly. Unfortunately, this can also mean that your memory foam bed or memory foam mattress topper may make you uncomfortably hot, in certain situations.

Is there anything you can do about what can be an uncomfortably hot situation sometimes? Actually, yes. Some of the newer memory foam mattresses on the market have channels specifically “cut into” the mattress without compromising support; these channels allow airflow so that heat is drawn away from your body and dissipates, instead of having the memory foam mattress right up against your skin so that body heat is trapped, making you overly hot. With the consistent airflow these channels provide, you stay cool and supported at the same time.

If you already have a memory foam mattress without these channels, there are still things you can do to correct this “hot” situation. Sometimes buying a polyester mattress pad and placing it directly over the memory foam (under the bottom sheet) will give you all of the benefits of a memory foam mattress, but the polyester mattress pad provides just enough of a barrier between you and the memory foam so that you stay cool. This is an inexpensive way to take care of the “heat” problem you can have with your memory foam bed.

If you can answer yes to either one of these questions, then you need to skip the topper and go for a whole memory foam mattress. But if your mattress is firm and flat, then it’s a good candidate for a foam topper upgrade.

Save Money By Buying Foam Mattresses Online

Foam Mattresses OnlineThese days more and more people are choosing to make their purchases online. It would seem that some things are simply best chosen and purchased in person, such as food and furniture, but even these types of items are being bought more and more often online.

Along those same lines, you might think that purchasing memory foam mattresses online would be a risky idea. After all, you want to know exactly what you will be sleeping on before it arrives at your home, and that can really only be done if you actually get the chance to try lying down on it. However, more and more people are buying mattresses online. Let take a look at how and why.

Let’s say you need a king foam mattress. If you go into a store and choose your mattress, you will need to have it delivered to your home anyway, as you don’t want to try to grapple with that full sized mattress. Purchasing online means your mattress will be delivered, too, online purchasing is equal in this way.

Of course it is true about the ability to see and feel your memory foam mattress. You may want a queen mattress from a well known company, but without being able to test it out, you simply can’t make the purchase. Let’s talk about why people do it.

Anyone used to making online purchases is aware that you can very often get the best deals that way. This is also true when you buy mattresses online. And with such an expensive purchase whether you are buying a twin mattress, crib mattress or a larger size, saving money on this type of item is even more important. So how is it done?

Most of the memory foam mattresses you can buy online you can also buy in a store. This means you can go to the store, check out the mattresses and make your selection. Then, instead of signing for it right then, head home and search online for the best deal you can find on that exact mattress. You may find yourself saving hundreds of dollars! Note that due to you can’t test the mattress online so the better way is read online memory foam mattress reviews on since they provide the detailed product features and reviews.

Of course there are some brands that sell strictly via the Internet. Bragada Mattresses is one such company. So how are people able to make this type of purchase? Well, in some cases they have the opportunity to visit a show room. In other cases they have seen a friend’s bed and have their recommendation. In still other instances people simply go by the reviews and the reputation of the company, taking into account the return policy.

When making such a major investment as you do in your mattress, you can turn to the Internet for savings by buying your mattress online. If they have the right deliver and return policy, you may be in for a great experience taking a chance that will yield savings for you and experience in buying things the modern way.