Had to Get Something Fixed

Of course this is a pretty simple job most days, but today the guy who usually handles the scales was out on vacation and there is not any way to get in touch with him. He is out hiking with the girl he is dating, and there is not any phone service out in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains. At any rate we have big vehicle scales for weighing vehicles when they come into the dump and when they leave it, so we know what to charge. I had to find load cell suppliers it turned out, or at least that is what they told me I needed. The guy who could fix it was there, but he did not have any spare parts of the sort that he needed. It was half of the day before we located the bill from the last time that we had bought these things and I contacted them. The place was a hundred and thirty miles away and we needed the things at once.

I managed to talk them into doing the only thing that would have gotten the parts delivered before the end of the day. Most people do not know this, but the quickest way to send a package is almost always to put it on a bus. Trailways delivered these parts in about three hours time and I went down to the bus station to pick them up. I had to stay late because the guy needed someone to help him. For the most part I just held up a big flashlight and did what he told me to do. It took a couple of hours and then we had to make some adjustments. He had a few barrels filled with water and obviously we knew what they weighed.