Hemorrhoid A Painful Disease

Hemorrhoid is a very painful disease and measures should be taken by everyone to avoid this disease. Obviously to avoid this disease you should first know how this disease does happen and how it can be avoided in real life? So, in this article light will be brought on the reasons why Hemorrhoid happens and in what ways it can be avoided and if you are suffering from it what are the possible treatments for this disease.

Hemorrhoid is basically a condition in which a nerve that is inside the rectum or anus has swollen abnormally which causes the membrane around it to swell as well and this causes the person severe pains, itching and bleeding in many cases. wartrol for genital warts read now. Basically Hemorrhoid is a very painful disease. It is pretty much possible that you have Hemorrhoid from years and years and you might know of it. There are a total of 2 types of hemorrhoid internal hemorrhoids and External hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are much dangerous as a person might not know he has it. The person can only know if it starts bleeding from your anus and this bleeding shall be internal not external. External hemorrhoids are much easier to detect as they can be felt by the person and causes pains, itching and bleeding in many cases. In both the cases you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. If the swollen vein is having regular bleeding a clot can develop there which can grow big by the time and blocks the blood coming from other parts of the body. This can be very painful and what your doctor can do is to make a tiny incision on the vein to drain the clotted blood away but, it alone can take weeks to get back to normal.

Causes and treatment of Hemorrhoid

There are many causes of Hemorrhoid and a person needs to avoid all of these to keep himself away from Hemorrhoid. You should be able to determine the cause of Hemorrhoid before going for the treatment. venapro, The main reasons are if you are standing or sitting for longer periods of time, if the person is having a low fiber diet for quite a long period of time, if the person is involved in anal intercourse and if the person is suffering from severe coughing and sneezing. Other reasons include Diarrhea, a person sitting on toilet for long periods of time, lifting something that is very heavy and in case of women childbirth can also be a reason for it.

In the treatment of Hemorrhoid there are two phases of treatment the first phase is to do something to reduce the pain, itching and the bleeding of a person. The second phase of treatment includes shrinking of the hemorrhoid. For that matter hemorrhoid pain can be very much reduced by taking the OTC medicines. For the swelling problem the patients can take anti-inflammatory medicines that can reduce the discomfort of the patient. The patient can use different creams and ointments with the consultation of the physician for the itching problem.

Better prevent yourself from hemorrhoid

They say it’s better to be careful for a minute than to suffer for a life time. It is advisable in every disease that you should avoid than to run around finding its cure. The ways you can avoid hemorrhoid is that you should avoid getting constipation at any time and if you are suffering from it do not let it stay for long. Get some medication or home remedies to get rid of it.  I suggest you to buy venapro because it is the safe & effective treatment of hemorrhoid.  You should use fiber diet that helps your stool to become soft. You should avoid straining while in the toilet. Always cleanse your rectal areas after using the toilet.