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Hooked On Phonics Review

In general you may find number of reviews out there on Hooked on Phonics but one major problem that you will encounter in all that is that they do not answer your all questions. So, I thought to make a difference by writing this one through sharing my own experience as I have done on my children. “Learn to Read” is the promise what Hooked On Phonics makes and it undoubtedly delivers. Let me tell you this all in a bit steady way and share my experience that might help you in making your decision.

How Hooked On Phonics System Works?

With the complete package of Hooked on Phonics system you get all parts which enable you to teach your child how to read. It works on the mechanism of a clear concept. It starts working of you with your child. Yes it urges you to work together with your child. You both must watch DVD that works from the beginning from phonics to syllables and then up to words. Then is the task of workbook. Workbook practice leads you to the video and story of the same words that your child has just learned. In this way your child enjoys to see his learning in practice.

What Hooked on Phonics consists of ?

The complete set of Hooked on Phonics is working on the advanced media; I mean to say this has 8 DVD’s which help your child to learn in enjoyable way. Along with come 8 workbooks which make reading a totally changed and unique process. 36 story books give a facility to your child to learn, read and see how words come in practice. Hooked on Phonics is a complete guarantee that your child will learn how to read and for this you do not need any teaching expert as it guides you for getting started immediately. For example you may skip some lessons that your child already knows. This all will be guided by the provided set.

How This Review is Different from other Ones?

Let me tell you not to confuse this review with the others as I am going to tell you the detail what others do not. The complete set of Hooked on Phonics gives you its all products. In the market older versions are also available which still use outdated tapes. These may confuse you with Hooked on Phonics kindergarten, Hooked on Phonics Grade 1 and so on but these versions do not give your child a complete chance to learn how to read experience. While the recent Hooked On Phonics is all about fresh pathways.

Older Versions May be Better !

The creators have really worked hard to bring the latest Hooked On Phonics in the market and till now 2 million copies have been sold. They have developed a track to give the pleasure reading to your child that he surely enjoys.

Should you Go for Hooked On Phonics?

You are highly recommended to go for Hooked On Phonics for your kid if he is having phonics skills. Definitely the help of teachers, peers and the role of the parents cannot be ignored.