I Hurt My Shoulder in a Fall

I fell down nearly three months ago. It was while I was walking on a nature trail at the local park, and I just didn’t see the rock that caused me to stumble and fall. I got up right away, but I could tell that I was going to be sore for a bit. I landed hard on my right side, and the bulk of the pain was in my shoulder. I gave it nearly a week before I finally realized I needed to see a Peoria chiropractor because the pain was just not going away.

I had limited mobility with my right arm, and I could not raise my arm above my head or even close to that point. I have an office job so it did not really affect me too much that way, but I was severely limited in what I could do as far as my regular routine was concerned. I made the appointment, not really knowing what to expect since I had never been to this kind of doctor before. I had a physical examination done on my arm along with a brief talk about my medical history to ensure there were no underlying problems.

The chiropractor then did an X-ray on my shoulder to see what kind of damage was done. He suspected that something had to have happened inside to have me in pain for this long without any relief. He was able to narrow it down to a tissue injury, and the fix for that was much easier than I would have thought. He did hands on manipulation of the area several times over the next couple of weeks, and it did not take long before I was able to use my arm in any way I wanted. I am so thankful that I was able to benefit that much from chiropractic care!