Our New School Auditorium and Its Custom Audio Visual System Design

We got a grant and donations from the community to redo our auditorium at the school. We wanted a modern stage with all of the latest lighting, projection and sound equipment for our student productions. We were getting to be well known in our area for the quality of our plays, and that was mostly due to the talent of our student actors. Contractors renovated our auditorium, and we had a custom audio visual system design installed. I never saw so many cables before in one place in my life. The cable runs looked like a work of art as they snaked around and through the ceiling from the front to the back of the auditorium.

Every light and speaker could be controlled from the production booth. The video projection system could project realistic high-definition backdrops to replace a lot of the woodwork and painting needed for making stage props. It also allowed for more rapid scene changes. This opened up the possibility for more plays to open on our stage now that we had the latest production equipment installed in the auditorium at the school. Plus, it gives a real immersive experience to plays and musical productions on our new stage.

We are very fortunate to have such a high-tech program here at our school for everything from the drama club to student bands. We make use of our stage and auditorium pretty much every week of the year now. The sound and projection equipment make for easy setup and transitions between each class project. There are no more delays as maintenance sets up backdrops and other stage props. The students can do it all now, and this makes it easy for more projects to be using the auditorium and stage at one time. This was money well spent.