Prices That Can’t Be Beat

When comparing house cleaning prices with various cleaning service companies, I almost got taken for a ride more than once. My problem is that I’d never hired one of these companies to do any sort of home cleaning before and therefore had no idea how much to pay. Was I paying too much? That wouldn’t be a problem if they did a stellar job. But what if I paid too little and they didn’t do the things I wanted them to do? Most place won’t refund money after they’ve already provided the service. I can’t blame them, either.

So I really had to narrow down my choices and do my homework. It took some time because everyone offers different services and everyone has their we won’t do this or clean that list of exceptions. Once I figured out what I needed done and who would do what, it was simply a matter of finding someone who would do the work in a timely manner and make sure everything looked nice. Looking for reviews helped, too, as did asking people I know about people they’ve used in the past. I finally made a choice and let them do the job.

For the money I paid, I would say the company I went with is the best in the city. They charged what I thought was a quite reasonable fee for the work I had done, but more importantly they got to my house quickly and went right to work. There was no goofing around or trying to get done quickly. They took their time and fanned out across the house. Watching them work was quite amazing, just as amazing as watching a very clean home emerge from the mess they had to pick up! I’m so glad I did my homework and picked this company!