Puzzles Are the Perfect Educational Gifts for Kids

With Christmas quickly approaching it is time to start thinking about gifts to buy for my two young children who are 3-year-old twin girls. They are at the age of being curious about a lot of different things and I feel that educational toys will be extremely beneficial to both of them. Jigsaw puzzles are very educational in that they teach hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. I have been browsing the puzzle section of every store I go to for a foam floor puzzle but can’t quite find what I’m looking for. I decided to search a couple of websites that I buy from on a regular basis as soon as I get the children in bed this evening.

I was very lucky that the first website I went to had exactly what I’m looking for. I found a 54 piece foam puzzle with soft pieces that would be perfect for the twins. Since they both love animals I’m sure this colorful underwater scene will be able to hold their attention. I’m fairly confident they will both like it and will spend hours putting it together over and over again.

I normally don’t like to buy toys with a bunch of pieces but this puzzle comes with a plastic bottle with a lid for storage to hold the pieces when they are done playing with it. Now that I think about it, I might have to buy two of these so they can each have one of their very own. I can see them now racing to see who can finish their puzzle first. I don’t see a problem with this because I truly believe that healthy competition is something that we should begin teaching at an early age. Hopefully, they will enjoy puzzles and can graduate to bigger ones as they get older.