Raising Money for a Worthy Cause

Recently, I started a fundraiser that all of the residents of the Carrington Ridge apartments could do. I wanted to raise money for cancer research, because my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. It was a cause that I felt was worthy of money, because if there was a definitive way to prevent cancer from happening, future generations woudln’t have to deal with their relatives getting cancer, or getting cancer themselves. My idea was to have a 4k walkathon, with the participants raising money for how far they can walk.

I knocked on the doors of all the apartment residents and asked them one by one if they could participate in the walkathon. Some declined , but most of them agreed. I wanted to get more support and recognition for the event, so I looked for some outside help. I contacted some big name people who lived in the area and asked them if they would be able to help out with the walkathon. I didn’t expect to get that many answers, or any at all, but a lot of people were willing to help. There were some celebrities who had personally been affected by cancer, and wanted to help me however they could.

The walkathon turned out to be a big hit. On the day of the event, it was packed with lots of people, many of which who weren’t even from the apartments. I guess the word spread quickly and people wanted to participate. We raised well over $1 million for cancer research. I’m thinking about turning the event into a yearly thing. If we can get the same kind of turnout each year, we’ll be sure to raise a lot of money. I think next year we can reach reach $2 million, and have twice as many people walking.