The Toilet Broke when My Husband Was Gone

It seems that when my husband goes away on business trips, something always happens. The last time he was gone for a week, and that is when the toilet decided to act up. I knew nothing about it, and my two brothers were not available to help me either. There was no way I was going to wait until my husband got home to fix it, because we only have the one bathroom in the house. I knew that I needed to look at some good plumbers in Bristol and select the one that would be able to help me in this uncomfortable situation.

The toilet was flushing, but sometimes it took up to three or four flushes for it to actually get everything out of the bowl. I knew that this was not a good thing, and I figured that if I waited, I could actually end up causing more damage. Since I had never contacted a plumber on my own before, I decided to look online to get some information first. I wanted to check out some websites and then some testimonials from people who have used the different companies.

While price was an important consideration, it was not the most crucial to me. I wanted a plumbing company that could come out quickly and one that also had an impeccable reputation. It did not take me long to find the company that I felt comfortable using, and I was so happy when they were able to come out that same day to look at the toilet. I worried that I might need to buy a new toilet, but it ended up just being a very small part that I needed to get. The plumber was very quick in replacing the part, and the toilet worked even better than it did before. Hopefully this is the last thing that will break when my husband is away!