We Like Our Apartment at Spring Pointe

When we were looking at apartments we had criteria that just had to be met. Otherwise, we were just not going to move out of the place we were in. We had looked at a lot of places, and we were just about to sign another year’s lease for our old place when a friend told me to check out the http://www.springpointeapartments.com website. It did not take us long to schedule an appointment to see an apartment. We signed a lease before we left. Yes, you can say we really liked the place.Apartment at Spring Pointe

I could hardly wait to move. We had a couple of weeks to get out of our old place before the lease was up. All of our rent was paid up, and we were going to take our time moving. The plan was to do a little each day and be out. We did not have a ton of stuff to take with us. We decided to get it all done in one day. We hired a moving company that came in, boxed it all up, moved it to the new apartment and unboxed it for us. I never knew that moving could be so easy. If we move again, we are never going back to the old way of doing it.

We were very happy to be in the new place so fast. We settled in like we had been there for years in the first couple of days. We were making use of all the nice things they had for the residents, and our apartment was really comfortable. I like it that everything is so new. There is nothing run down about this place. It is like a spa to me. I like the pool, the gym and all of the nice stuff they have for residents who live there.